Start slow and separate

Co-ordinate hands and voice

Use simple songs initially

Master hand independence

Follow breaking it down

Practice with a metronome, and be regular

A  few amazing takeaways



“Pyaar Deewana Hota Hai, Mastaana Hota Hai

Har Khushi se, Har Gam Se, Begaana Hota Hai”

Imagine this scenario

Our handsome hero’s eyes, meeting the eyes of our mesmerizing heroine, and he effortlessly dances between the piano keys, with deft fingers, conjuring a melody that speaks to her heart.

As his voice intervenes with the music a magical hush falls over the audience, captivated by the harmony of sight and sound. At the moment, a spell of pure magic wades through the air, leaving everyone spell bound, by the mesmerizing symphony of their love, the melodious number and the lilting music of the piano!!! 

Combining the magic of singing and piano playing simultaneously is a musical adventure that will leave you and the audience in awe.  Gradually building confidence as you weave the captivating elements into an amazing and wonderful performance.

Now Let’s see a few tips to help one to learn how to sing and play the piano at the same time and master this art.

1 Start slow and separate

Begin by learning the piano part and vocal melody separately. Practice them until one is comfortable, with each one, individually. Focus attention only on one specific skill at a time. Then, switch the focus to the piano, while singing, quietly.

2 Co-ordinate hands and voice

Slowly and gradually merge the two parts together. Focus only on a small section at a time. Make sure to pay attention to how your vocal phrasing, aligns with the piano chords. Singing should always be in the correct pitch. Assign the correct word or syllable, to a specific, piano note.

3 Use simple songs initially

The songs chosen, should initially be, simple melodies and simple chord progressions. Always make sure, you know the lyrics of the song, very well. This will help a lot, to stay on track, while playing the piano.

4 Master hand independence

Work on, developing hand independence, on the piano. Practice, playing different rhythms and patterns with hand, to improve co-ordination. Keep your touch light, and wrists flexible.

5 Follow breaking it down

If a particular section is challenging, break it down into smaller segments. Practice only those sections, until you master it. Gradually, piece them together. Start with a slow tempo, and slowly increase it. This instils it in the mind and helps while playing the Piano.

6 Practice with a metronome, and be regular

The metronome is needed, to maintain a steady tempo, while practicing. This helps the person to stay on track and sync your singing and piano playing. Be consistent in your practice, in order to master this, at least practice half an hour to one hour a day. Record your sessions, to track your improvements over time. This apart, having the correct posture is one of the key singing tips to note. Good posture translates to good breathing and results in better sound. One should maintain flexibility in spine, either in sitting or standing. 

The mic should be always kept correctly, as it will affect one’s posture and breathing technique. One should not tighten one’s shoulders, and neck, to draw singing power from them. Instead, the control should be centred at one’s pelvic floor, even if you are sitting or standing. If one prefers to sit, one should sit on the edge of one’s seat and press oneself down against it. If one feels comfortable standing, one’s legs should be, shoulder width apart as one can draw power from one’s feet. Always equalise yourself performing the song flawlessly while singing and playing. This helps in, one’s muscle memory and overall performance.


Piano keys and vocal breeze, together weave pure magic; with positive mind and cool vibes!!

Channel your inner maestro play, sing, watch sparks fly!

Two talents collide, Piano and Voice unite, sending shivers down the spines.

Playful Piano, soul serenade makes it awesome.

Master the musical tango: keys and voice entwine in rhythmic bliss.

When Keys resonate and vocals soar, you’ve found your musical core.


So dear artists,

In the enchanting realm where melodies combine with the art of playing piano, mastering this art unveils a symphony of boundless possibilities. 

With patience and persistence, you will un ravel it seamlessly weaving your voice with the piano’s embrace.

You will incorporate an extra ordinary performance that transcends the ordinary notes, taking flight on wings of creative expression.

Be patient with your sweet self and love your new skill.

So let your fingers dance upon the keys, and let your voice soar, for in this magical union, you will find a musical journey that is truly out of this world!!


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