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Online courses from Music360 are available to suit the demands of various age groups and musical learning styles. These classes are a component of Music360’s larger educational initiatives, which are led by you. An outline of some of the main programs and features is provided below:

  1. Learn Piano Rhymes 
  2. Focus: Using interesting multimedia content, teach well-known rhymes.
  3. Practice the piano daily: Rhymes
  4. Focus: To establish regular practice habits, daily piano sessions emphasize practicing rhymes.

What’s in the course?

Introduction to Piano Basics: For those who are new to the piano, the course may begin with an introduction that covers posture, hand placement, and the fundamentals of keyboard navigation.

Daily Lessons: Students will be taught and given the opportunity to practice a new rhyme every day. These daily classes are designed to get more complicated as the students’ abilities advance.

Videos for Instruction: The course probably consists of video lessons that break down the melodies and rhythms of each rhyme to make learning it easier. 

Interactive Exercises: The course may contain interactive exercises like rhythm matching games, melody recognition quizzes, and listening assessments to help students retain what they have learned.

Music Theory: To help students comprehend the notes, scales, and other components of the rhymes they are playing, basic music theory courses are included.

Practice Assignments: Students are encouraged to put what they’ve learned into practice and advance their piano playing abilities by completing regular practice assignments.

Performance Opportunities: To keep track of their progress or to share with other students in the course, students may be able to record their renditions of the rhymes.

Feedback Mechanism: To help with skill improvement and problem solving, there may be a mechanism in place for getting feedback from peers or instructors.

Community Interaction: There may be a community platform included in the course where students can communicate, exchange stories, and encourage one another’s academic progress. 

Final evaluation: Students may be required to perform a demonstration of the rhymes they have mastered or take a final evaluation at the end of the semester.

Who can take this Course?

  1. Beginners – Anyone starting from scratch.
  2. Young Learners – Children aged 8 and older.
  3. Music Enthusiasts – Anyone with a passion for music.
  4. School Students – Suitable for extra school activities.
  5. Adult Learners – Adults looking to learn or rekindle their piano skills.
  6. Hobbyists: One who interested learning music
  7. Working Professionals


Access to course videos only and no bonus bundles.



Access to course videos and bonus bundles.



Access to course videos, bonus bundles, and Live Q&A Sessions.


In this course, your child will learn to play 25 different rhymes on the piano over 25 days. Each day focuses on a new rhyme, introducing basic piano techniques and music theory in a fun and engaging way.

Each lesson lasts about 30 minutes. The first part of the lesson introduces the rhyme and the musical concepts involved. The second part involves hands-on practice with detailed instructions to help students learn to play the rhyme on the piano.

Yes, having a piano or a keyboard at home is necessary for your child to practice and get the most out of the course. A keyboard with weighted keys is recommended but not essential for beginners.

No prior musical knowledge is necessary. This course is designed for beginners and will cover all the basics needed to start playing piano.

Our course is uniquely designed for young learners, emphasizing fun and engagement through familiar rhymes. We use interactive teaching methods and provide personalized feedback to ensure each student can progress at their own pace.

Each lesson is recorded, so if your child misses a live session, they can easily catch up by watching the recorded version. Access to these recordings will be available for the duration of the course.

At the end of the course, students will have the opportunity to participate in a virtual recital where they can showcase what they’ve learned. This is a great way for them to gain confidence and celebrate their progress.

You will need a stable internet connection, a digital device capable of connecting to the internet (such as a computer, tablet, or smartphone), and a piano or keyboard.

Parents can help by setting a regular practice schedule, providing a quiet space for practice sessions, and encouraging their child to review lessons and practice daily. Being supportive and showing interest in your child’s progress will greatly enhance their learning experience.

The cost of the course is [specify cost]. We offer a [specify refund policy], should you decide that the course is not the right fit for your child within a certain timeframe.

This course is specifically designed for individuals aged 8 years and above. It is ideal for both beginners and those with some basic piano knowledge.

Participants will learn to play 25 popular rhymes on the piano over 25 days. The course covers basic piano techniques, reading sheet music, and playing melodies with proper rhythm and tempo.

Each daily session is designed to last about 15-20 minutes. This duration is optimal for focused learning without overwhelming the student.

All lessons are pre-recorded and can be accessed at any convenient time. This allows participants to learn at their own pace and revisit lessons as needed.

Please visit our website or contact our customer support for the latest pricing details and any promotional offers.

Yes, a certificate of completion will be awarded to participants who successfully complete all the lessons and demonstrate their ability to play the rhymes learned.

While the course primarily consists of pre-recorded videos, we offer weekly live Q&A sessions where participants can ask questions and receive feedback from the instructor.

Participants can access all course materials at any time during and after the course duration, allowing them to catch up or review lessons as needed.

Our learning management system allows participants to track their progress. They can see which videos have been watched and which lessons have been completed.

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