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Igniting Melodies

Musical magic, get ready to be overwhelmed as we peruse the mind-blowing journey of music360, a phenomenal music company that has really rocked for the past six mind boggling years exploring the boundless realms of music, holding the distinction of being the first online music channel in India.

Music360 with its unmatched passion for music and innate talent, and a vision to bring music to everyone has defied expectations and reached limitless possibilities.   Yes, you are in the phenomenal gateway of the exquisite music360 an ardent pursuit, which began its journey on the most auspicious day of Deepavali in the year 2017. The C.E.O (Creating Every Opportunity) of music360, who from his young age, had harboured an unwavering passion for music, and has been dedicating countless hours to hone his company.

His innate musical talent, which was inherited from his mother, a gifted musician herself, became manifested in course of time.  She was instrumental in nurturing his hidden musical prowess and supported him in all his endeavours. Under the constant guidance of his Mentors and Gurus, his once non – productive life underwent an epic transformation. Their influence instilled discipline and direction, both in his personal and working life leading him to embrace positive changes that shaped him into a more focused, accomplished, and self-confident individual.

With exceptional talent, deep-rooted dedication a never-ending entrepreneurial spirit, he has brought the company to its present status.  Of course, this quest would have been just a dream, but for the prompt and unfailing support of our dynamic professionals who constitute the team of music 360, with their wonderful ideas and approaches enhancing the growth of music360.

Three Domains musical magic


Going forward we explore and integrate music and nurture the musical skills of all involved through our three domains, LEARN, LOVE AND LIVE, which is indeed the crux of music360.  The ‘LEARN’ Domain was envisaged to bring out the best in the student, by providing personalized music training according to the aptitude of the student.  A unique music syllabi from Trinity and ABRSM grades training, in Piano, Keyboard, Guitar is followed, and of course, Vocal training in Carnatic, Saxophone, Violins and Hindustani music is provided.   This Domain includes, building a global repository for all aspects of music, also a long-term module is provided for those with a passion of a musical career.

And in our ‘LOVE’ Domain, we have the Digital Music Library, which is the repository of all musical materials available.  It has the potential to store all the information about various Music Schools, Music Celebrations, Festivals held, Concerts, which provide a user friendly interface, giving digital access to its resources.

In our Live Domain, Music360 seems to have the diverse range of content on social media, catering to trending songs and concerts.  We are providing tutorials for Vocals, Piano and Guitar.   This kind of content is helpful for aspiring Musicians and by doing this Music360 caters to a wider audience.   This apart the students get an opportunity to showcase their talent in the social media domains, promoting new genres by introducing catchy programmes for the audience like “Guess the Song”, “Meet the Masters, MTM Series” and many more are in the making like “360 days of music” which is going to be an incredible Musical Adventure to explore the vast world of Music, one day at a time.  Imagine a year long journey filled with diverse genres, iconic artists and hidden gems from different cultures and eras!

So friends, whether you are a seasoned lover of music or just a novice to the world of sound, these adventures promise to be an extraordinary and fun -filled Musical Odyssey!

OUR INSPIRATION with magical music

Inspiration is crucial in a musical company, as it fuels creativity and drives the creation of captivating melodies and lyrics.  It ignites passion within artists, encouraging them to push boundaries, experiment with new sounds, and ultimately connect with the audience on a deeper level, fostering growth and success for the music company.

We were lucky enough to have been inspired by our Musical Legends like Padma Vibhushan   Dr. K . J. Yesudas, the Maestro SPB with their remarkable achievements, their enduring talent, professionalism, and dedication not only set a high standard for artistic excellence but also served as a guiding light, encouraging our Music360 to nurture and support emerging talent, while striving for innovation and greatness in the pursuit of musical success.  We were also lucky to be inspired by Chairperson of Infosys Foundation Smt. Sudha Murthy, who promotes empathy, social change, and the power of giving, through her impactful writings.

M. S. Subbulakshmi is one of the greatest carnatic music exponents with a soul stirring voice and deep emotional expression. She has captivated the audience all around the world and she has won numerous Accolades and Awards.

Sri Sri Sri Shivakumara swamiji, the revered Swamiji inspired for his profound wisdom, compassion and dedication for uplifting the lives of countless people through his teachings and selfless service.

Meet The Masters (MTM) – Season 1 and 2

Moving on to the MTM Season 1 and 2, MEET THE MASTERS SERIES’ a unique platform developed by the Music360 team, where individuals can interact and learn from accomplished experts in various fields of music. It is one-of-a-kind opportunity for musically inclined people to gain valuable insights, guidance and musical skills from some of the most successful and influential musicians who are experts in their field.

Enchanting Wonderland For Young Minds

The students who are inducted into our music 360 apart from learning the genre of their choice in vocal or instruments, they experience perfect harmony of mind and body at our music company’s yoga camps and meditation sessions, fostering holistic growth and inner tranquillity in a playful setting.  Thus, each student sets on a journey of self-discovery through music infused mindfulness practices, led by expert instructs in a safe and nurturing environment.

Enthusiasts of all age groups participated in International Music festival, here artists from around the world showcased their diverse talents, creating an unforgettable experience for music enthusiasts of all age groups.

Immersive music camps, guided by renowned mentors were also organised to elevate musical skills and passions. The participants explored a multitude genre and discovered the true essence of musical expression.

Music360 –SriRamanavami Online Sangeethotsava

Music360 initiated first of its kind, online platform for music celebrations, SriRamanavami Online Sangeethotsava. This apart the joyous festivities and Ramanavami are celebrated each year with a competition orchestrated by music 360 company on a global scale, where soulful music performance and cultural events pay homage to the rich heritage of the Ramayana.  During this auspicious occasion all music lovers unite world – wide in a harmonious celebration.


This is an idyllic artistic retreat, a homely place of technical excellence, band mark recordings, exclusive interviews, iconic artists musical career, and of course a place full of positive vibes and soulful rhythms; transcending your spirits into a jubilant trance with the magic of all kinds of musical activities!

The inauguration of the studio was indeed a grand affair, with lots of reverence, an elaborate ritual to the Deity Lord Ganesha was performed, by the founder couple, and assisted by the Music 360 Fraternity in toto

Aligning AI

Chat GPT is an advanced language model developed by Open-AI, based on the GPT 3.5 architecture, is designed to engage, and utilize this technology in our Music360 company for the broader understanding of various topics.

Chat GPT has enhanced customers engagement and support by providing neat time assistance and answering inquiries, leading to the improved customer satisfaction.

ChatGPT has helped in the personalized music recommendation of Music360 and in the playlist curation, fostering a deeper connection with users, and increasing user retention.

ChatGPT has also streamlined the issue resolution process, improving operational efficiency and ultimately contributing to the overall success of our Music360. Thus, ChatGPT is assisting by providing a real-time support and personalised guidance for employees, musicians and students using the modules of LMS for administration, and delivering of educational courses, training programs, in learning and development programmes, by optimizing their learning experiences.


Thus, our awesome music360 is making waves in the industry, by bringing the best of the music world together in one place; a power packed conglomeration for Artists and fans alike.

We are supporting talent giving them a chance to shine and grow in the music industry.  It is a creative paradise, where talent meets opportunity.

This commitment to artistic integrity, innovation and development continues to be the driving force behind our success.

We have become a trusted name in the music industry, with a dedicated fan base, and a strong presence in the music landscape.

So folks!

This music scene has just got a little more exciting and you can’t wait to see what we are bringing out next!


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