Guinness World Record holder, Padma Shri S. P. Balasubrahmanyam (SPB)


SripathiPanditaradhyulaBalasubrahmanyam, fondly known as SPB or Balu, dons many roles – singer, music director, actor, dubbing artist and film producer.

40,000 songs in 16 languages, Guinness Record holder for recording the most number of film scores – yet being humble to all, grateful to his gurus and all the people who had given him opportunities to reach where he is, and always eager to learn more – Padma Bhushan Dr.S. P. Balasubrahmanyam is the personification of the phrase “Still waters run deep.”

Senses Creations along with Mahaloth Melodies had organized SPB Live in Concert in Orion Mall and the Music was arranged by Venugopal& Team. The full packed crowd at Orion Mall proved that music is One language that everyone speaks. Everyone sang along, swayed along and tapped along SPB as he sang “Na HadaluNeevuHadabeku”, “JeevaVeene”, “CheluveOnduKelthine”, “PreethiyalliEroSukha”, “Mere Rang Mein”, “RojaJaneman”. “GaraneGaragarane”, “Shankarabharam”, “NalivaGulabiHoove”, not only allowed evoked the emotions of the audience, but also made them to experience the versatility of the Legend called SPB.

Addressing the awed audience, SPB said, “I am thankful to all music lovers across the world who listen to me, you all are my precious treasure, at this age, my listeners inspire and give me the strength to sing. All in return I can do for all your love is only to sing till I am able to Sing at my best.”

“I am thankful to god for making to live in hearts of crores of people. If there is re-birth, I will born in Karnataka, because the love and affection what Kannadiga’s have given me, I can never ever forget that in my life time.” SPB added.

At 72, he still has the same charm, same spirit and same divine voice that he had 3 decades ago and he still looks completely un-stoppable.

Music 360 is happy to share few of glimpse of this legendary performance.


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