Singapore – a place for great Music, Culture and Food, and a global hub for Commerce, Finance and Transport. India & Singapore have always had strong cultural and economic ties. With numerous business & political meetings and cultural conclaves happening, the India-Singapore collaboration is on a fast track of mutual growth.

Encouraging music and all art forms across the globe is an inherent feature of the world’s capital for global affairs. Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay, an integral part of Singapore’s cityscape and with a total seating capacity of 3,600 is one of the busiest and architecturally enchanting performing arts centres in the country. From its opening in 2002, the centre boasts of accommodating over 37,000 performances catering to 26 million patrons and 92 million visitors. Welcoming global music, in July 2018, Esplanade played host to the Pesta Raya – Malay Festival of Music Arts, 2018 – which showcased the rich Malay heritage, arts and culture.

Music 360 was thrilled and honoured to be a part of this 4-days international music festival. The mesmerising music, the colourful performances and the electrified atmosphere had the team of music 360 swaying and captivated.

Extremely enchanted and revved up at our first successful abroad event. Eager to bring to you more of such global musical experiences… Stay tuned to music 360!

Here are few glimpses of Pesta Raya – Malay Festival of Arts, 2018 at Singapore.

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