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Music streaming and the Artist

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Hey friends,

Taking us back to the not-so-distant past, our music collections were confined to physical albums and CDs, tethered to bulky stereos or Walkman’s.

Remember, due to my craze for music, the little pocket money we got, used to be spent on CDs and albums.  Then came the digital revolution, liberating music from its physical constraints. With the advent of MP3 players, we could carry thousands of songs in our pockets.

If I went back in time and told 15-year-old me, that one day I’d be able to listen to millions of artists from around the world, with a press of a button, for less than the cost of a of a single CD every month, 15-year-old me would have simply hailed as a miracle.  Think about it in terms of the history of human music, and isn’t it a miracle!!

However, the true seismic shift occurred, with the resonance of music streaming services granting instant access, to an unparalleled ocean of tunes. This great evolution from tangible formats to seamless streaming, has not only revolutionised, our listening habits but also reshaped the entire music industry landscape. Yet, amidst convenience, there is a bitter sweet nostalgia for the crackling sound of vinyl record, or the painstakingly crafted mixed tapes.  It is like we traded a bit of our hearts for the sheer ease of a digital playlist, leaving behind a tangible whisper of music that once spoke volumes to our hearts and souls.

Music Streaming

Music streaming is a service that delivers data to a streamer in small amounts so that the user can get pre-buffered music that has been pre-buffered a few minutes or even seconds before playing a song. This is a way of offering users a convenient way to listen to their favourite music, discover new artists. This term was first used for tape drives manufactured by Data Electronics Inc. that were meant to slowly ramp up and run for the entire track. ‘streaming’ was applied in the early 1940’s as a better description for video on demand and later live video on IP Networks.  Music that has been streamed can’t be digitally reproduced. Many such services collect user information. Those getting the most profit from streaming services are big corporate entities and tech companies.   Moreover, the subscribers don’t own a copy of the music they have streamed.

Streaming refers to any media content-live or recorded delivered to computers and mobile devices via the internet and played back in real times.

Examples of streaming are

  • Podcasts
  • Movies
  • Webcasts
  • TV shows
  • Music Videos

Thus, it is just simply listening to the music of your choice directly from a streaming website.

Music streaming sites are

  • Spotify
  • Apple
  • Deezer
  • Pandora
  • For paid membership,
  • Amazon Music & Google Play Music
  • Could offer than and you could also download them.

Musicians and artists can utilize these sites to upload their music and original songs for the listeners. If once he is an independent artist, this is a superb method of exposing one’s music to a worldwide audience without spending a humungous amount of money. One doesn’t need a record label to be able to release one’s songs to the public. This is a great option for amateurs as they need to pay only when they are able to earn.  But one should first make sure to sign up on the free membership first.

So friends, if you are really talented you can become the next Justin Bieber or Celine Dios-without going through the traditional channels.

Independent musicians are taking advantage of these music streaming websites and many are finding this feature inexpensive and convenient.  It can be available to any person in the globe, for as long as he has an internet connection and a smart phone, a laptop or a computer.

Thus music streaming is on the rise.  The advantage of using this method to play your favourite music are obvious. Location, independent access and music and no extra component requirements.

Music streaming and the Artist

How are artists remunerated for their work?

As far as reimbursement is concerned, more clicks is more money.  How much a single stream of one song actually brings to the artist, however cannot be accurately defined.  At Spotify it should be 0.0044 US dollars (0.5 Euro cents) on an average per stream to make 100 US dollars, a song should therefore be streamed 23,000 times.  Apple Music and Tidal in particular are expected to pay higher premiums per stream.

Advantages of Music Streaming


  • Various music streaming services to choose.
  • Huge selection and location.
  • Independent availability.
  • Offline modes and personalised music suggestion with great function ability and play lists.

The streaming services overtly recognise that it is their interest to keep exposing new music.

Music streaming is the natural outgrowth of recent technological and business innovations combining with consumer habits that had already been in place for years.  It is simultaneously the cause, effect and emblem of enormous changes in the music industry.

People still make music, sell music, buy music and value music though different, now when are only a few clicks away from almost every kind of music known to humankind, we can have the whole universe of music to love.


So here we are,

Riding the wave of music streaming, where our playlists are infinite but the scratches and skip are all but gone.

It’s a wild web of progress, where the melody of CDs and the shuffle of vinyl find their echoes in algorithmic algorithms.  From the mix tapes to curated algorithms, our musical journey has morphed, and even though the beat goes on, there is a nostalgic tear for the days when flipping a cassette was something romantic and of course it was our only technological feat.

Cheers to the great brain behind this evolution, the emotion, the and of course the play lists that sound track our ever-changing rhythm of life!!!

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