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Modus-Operandi of the Grammys

Behind the scene insights

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All About the Grammys……

The Grammy Awards which are often called as the “Oscars of the music world” hold prestige in the music industry.  Winning a Grammy is a testament, to an artist’s talent and contribution to the music scene.  Throughout history numerous Indian musicians have left their mark at the Grammy Awards showcasing India’s diverse heritage to the world.

In this blog post we will celebrate the following musicians who have brought pride to India through their achievements at the Grammy Awards.

From the table echoing in symphony to the soulful voices emanating through the auditorium, these prized Artists have not just represented India, they have woven one musical legacy into the very fabric of the Grammy Awards.

Grammys are the first of the Big 3 networks major music awards held annually.

Grammy Awards are simply known as the Grammy’s are presented by the Recording Academy of the U.S to recognize ‘outstanding’ achievement in the Music Industry. 

Grammy’s was held for the first time on may 14th1959 (64 years ago) as Gramaphone awards.

They are regarded by many as the most prestigious and significant awards in the music Industry world-wide.  Grammy can significantly boost an artist’s career and recognition.  There are various in-depth categories under which the Grammy Awards are given.

The upcoming 66th Annual Grammy Awards will feature a total of 94 categories.

It’s called Grammys, which is an abbreviated reference to E mile Berliner’s gramophone.

Modus-Operandi of the Grammys…….

Entries are submitted 11normally by record companies as well as members of the Academy.

The voting members of NARAS through a series of ballots, exclusively select 5 nominees for each award and ultimately the winner.

Grammy Award is a gold-plated trophy each depicting a gilded gramophone, and are made an assembled by hand by Billing Artworks in Ridgway, Colorado.

The official site of the Grammy awards, music’s biggest night is is insightful and informative.


NBC (1959 – 70)

ABC (1971 – 72)

CBS (1973 – till now)









Sir Georg Solti



Quincy Jones



Alison Krauss


So get ready to soak to relieve the magic, the tears, and the triumphant moments as we celebrate the Indian Musicians who, with every chord have painted a vivid panorama of our Nation’s music prowess on the grand canvas of the Grammy Awards.


Sitar Maestro was the first Indian to get the prestigious Grammy Award.  He will also be honoured with a Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award posthumously, organizers of the Recording Academy, Announced for his profound influence on global music, introducing Indian Classical Music to a world-wide audience.




The ‘Mozart of Madras’ Best compilation of exceptional sound track for visual media (Film:  Slumdog Millionaire) blending Indian rhymes with contemporary sounds, showing his versatility and innovation in music composition.



Tabla Maestro contributed to the Grammy-winning “Global Drum Project”, displaying his mastery in rhythmic intricacies and collaboration with World-class percussionists, fostering cross-cultural musical conversations.



Anoushka Shankar, Sitar Virtuoso and daughter of Pandit Ravi Shankar, earned a Grammy for “Live at Carnegie Hall”, showcasing her prodigious talent, pushing the boundaries of traditional Indian Music to global appeal.




An instrumentalist who plays the Mohana veena (slide guitar). A slide-guitar Maestro collaborated with Ry Goder for a “A meeting by the river” creating a harmonious blend of Indian Classical music and American blues, resulting in a unique and celebrated fusion.




Renowned Ghatam Player Played a pivotal role in the Grammy-winning ‘Global Drum Project’ showcasing his mastery over the traditional clay pot instrument and contributing to the rich tapestry of global percussion.




Composer and music producer won a Grammy for “Winds of Samsara” a collaborative project that beautifully melts Indian Classical elements with global influences, high lighting his commitment to environmental and social cause through music.



Mandolin Virtuoso U. Srinivas was posthumously honoured with a Grammy for ‘Mandolin Dreams’ which demonstrated his exceptional skill in transcending musical boundaries, creating a unique blend of Carnatic music with global version.




They made significant contributions to the Grammy – winning album ‘Beyond the Ragasphere’ showcasing their prowess in traditional Indian Classical music and cross-cultural musical explorations.



Renowned for his devotional music, Krishna Das earned a Grammy for “Live Ananda” capturing thee essence of Kirtan and Indian spiritual traditions, contributing to the global popularity of mantra chanting.





Her “soul call” won a Grammy, showcasing her versatility as a singer and composer, blending Indian Classical influence with a contemporary Newage sound.

Behind the scene insights….

Ravi Shankar’s dedication to perfecting the sitar was a lifelong journey of disciplined practice of almost twelve to sixteen hours of Riyaz every day and an unwavering commitment to preserve the rich traditions of Indian Classic music apart from his cross cultural collaborations.

A.R. Rahmans’s rise from the streets of Chennai to the pinnacles of global acclaim was paved with sleepless nights, tireless experimentation weaving intricate melodies that echoed his soul of India and an unyielding work ethics earning him accolades on the global stage.

Musical Quiz

Now friends let’s embark on a musical quiz with one of these grammy award winners in about the iconic composer’s legendary tunes.


1.What’s A R Rehman’s nickname used by fans?

a) Maestro

b) Rock Star

c) Melody King

d) Musical Genius


2.In which year did A R Rehman make his debut as a film composer?

a) 1989

b) 1992

c) 1996

d) 2000   


3.What’s is A R Rehman’s known for playing?

a) Flute

b) Guitar

c) Piano

d) Sitar


4.Which song earned A R Rehman his first Grammy Award?

a) “Tere Bina”

b) “Jai Ho”

c) “Roja Janena”

d) “Chaiyya Chaiyya”


5.Which movie featured A R Rehman’s winning “ Jai Ho”?

a) Laagaan

b) Slumdog Millionaire

c) Dil S


  1. Maestro
  2. 1989
  3. Piano
  4. Jai Ho
  5. Slumdog Millionaire

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In celebrating the triumph of Indian artists at the Grammy Awards, their musical excellence echoes globally.

Their achievement not only bring pride to India but also underscore the diverse and rich talent within the country.

This recognition serves as a testament to the power of cultural expression, transcending borders and resonating on the international stage and contributing to the global music landscape.

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