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Introduction: Teaser Launch

Hearty welcome friends, to an afternoon full of music, magic and miracles.   As the sun rose high on a lovely morning, the core team of Music360 gathered for music360 Course – Learn25 Rhymes in 25 Days – Teaser Launch release.

About the course

Welcome to the fascinating new course from Music360 – Learn25 Rhymes in 25 Days! Prepare to enjoy 25 enjoyable, simple, and rhyming piano lessons. But that’s only the beginning! You’ll discover even more incredible advantages when you delve further into our vast library of information.

You’ll not only develop your cognitive abilities and physical skills but also discover your creative side and develop an enduring passion for music. Prepare yourself for an exciting and enlightening journey! 🎶✨

Unveiling of the course teaser

There’s still more thrills ahead, though! A teaser of the forthcoming music360 course –  Learn25 Rhymes in 25 Days – Teaser Launch! was just shared and unveiled by our CEO. Prepare yourself for an incredible educational journey! What’s in store for enthusiastic learners like you is something you won’t want to miss. Await the big reveal! 🌟🎉

Unique features

Enjoy a personalized learning experience with full interaction with the instructor, fostering a supportive environment for your musical growth.

3 step learning Highlight

  1. Piano Key Position: Learn the fundamentals with detailed instruction on the positioning of keys, ensuring a solid foundation for your piano journey.
  1. Simple finger exercises: Master finger dexterity with easy-to-follow exercises designed to improve co-ordination and technique.
  1. Sitting position: Discover the importance of proper posture for optimal playing comfort and performance.

Additional bonus bundles

  1. Sheet music Downloads: Access a library of downloadable sheet music for the rhymes covered in the course, allowing you to practice offline at your convenience.
  2. Community Forum Access: Join our online community forum to connect with fellow learners, share experiences, and receive additional support and guidance from instructors and peers.
  3. Bonus Mini-Lessons: Understand in depth specific topics with bonus mini lessons covering essential techniques and concepts to further enhance your piano skills.
  4. Progress tracker: Utilize our progress tracker tool to monitor your improvement and celebrate milestone in your musical journey.

Why choose music360

At music360, we prioritize your learning experience, providing top-quality instruction and resources to empower you on your musical path.  With our unique approach and attention to detail, mastering the piano has never been more unique, accessible and enjoyable.

Join us today and unlock the magic of music with music360.

Few glimpses from music360 – Course Teaser Event!

An apt invocation and the blessings of lord Ganesha, the remover of obstacles, we got ready to launch our music360’s revolutionary piano rhymes course teaser on the 10th March 2024 which is designed to enchant and inspire. This one of a kind music360’s Piano rhymes course offering featuring 25 simple rhymes brought to life through captivating Piano videos, each serving as a gateway to a world of musical magic.

Amidst the warm glow of laughter and conversation participants laughed, cheered and bonded over their shared love for music, and exchanged stories of their musical journeys, and eagerly awaited their turn to showcase their music prowess.

As the day went on, attendees enjoyed a lunch while engaging in constant conversation and sharing stories, music and memories.  It was a beautiful afternoon, and the power of music had no borders.

With excitement building, the CEO, Mr. Srikanth who made it all the way from Singapore, took to the stage, sharing heartfelt words of inspiration and gratitude setting the tone for more activities.

Soon after, it was time to honour outstanding individuals Ms. Prathima and Mr. Sudip with awards and certificates presented by the CEO.


“Enjoy the Fun with the Piano Rhymes Course from Music360! Our training is meant to provide delight and education to every musical journey, regardless of experience level. It was full of thrilling events, our course’s teaser debut. Together, let’s compose music and create more life-changing experiences.” 🎹🎶

Join us as we unlock the power of music, one rhyme at a time, and discover the endless possibilities that await with each note.

And yes, please do try out this unique course by our music360 team.

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