Music is a divine way to purify one’s soul, bring about spiritual prosperity and mental discipline in one’s life. Such music is an integral part of Sree Siddaganga Math, Tumkur where the magic of music is experienced everyday through the chanting of daily prayers, Basavannana Vachanagalu, Tripadi, Devotional Songs and Samskrutha Shlokas for more than 1 hour by over 10,000 students.

These magical moments were experienced by over a lakh people on 1st April, 2018 as these ‘musical vibrations’ marked the Guruvandana of the grand 111th birthday celebrations of the Padmabhushana, Karnataka Ratna, Trividha Dhasohajyothi, Parama Pujya, Dr. Sri Sri Shivakumara Maha Swamiji of the Sree Siddaganga Math. The guruvandana was traditionally commenced by the lighting of 111 lamps, marking the age of maha swamiji.

Music 360 Online Music Channel seek the blessings to the reverend maha swamiji in bringing to you a glimpse of this musical journey of Sree Siddaganga Math.

Walking the talk of providing high prominence to music, the day’s programmes also centered only around music. The warm morning was all ears to the “Panchaveena Vadana” by Vainika Vidwan Sri. K.M. Lokeshwara & Team. While the afternoon devotees congregation were mesmerised by “Gana Maadhuraya” by Popular Singer Rajesh Krishnan & Team, the evening programme stole the show where the students of Sree Siddaganga Math gathered once again to perform “Basava Belaku”.

Mathaadipathis from across the state were also present for the celebrations. Paramapoojya Sri Sri Siddalinga Swami of Sree Siddaganga Math, Paramapoojya Jagadguru Sri Sri Shivaratri Deshikendra Swami of Suttur Math, Paramapoojya Jagadguru Sri Sri Nirmalananda Swami of Adichunchanagiri Math, Shivanubhavacharamurthy Sri Sri Shivarudra Swami of Beli Math, Paramapoojya Sri Sri Mummadi Nirvana Swami of Sri Degula Math, and Paramapoojya Dr. Sri Sri Shivamurthy Murugha Sharanaru of Brihan Math enriched the entire event by performing paada poja and paying their respects to Maha Swamiji and up-keeping the guru parampara.

Music 360 brings to you few glimpses of the Divine Celebrations.


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