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Meaning behind Yeh hai stree song

“Yeh Hai Stree” is a women’s anthem celebrating diversity, resilience, and breaking free from stereotypes! It’s a powerful message about women’s strength, achievements, and embracing their unique identities. Think: girl power anthem with a modern twist!

Overall, “Yeh Hai Stree” is a powerful message of:

  • Women’s achievements across various fields.
  • Breaking gender norms and defying expectations.
  • Embracing and celebrating one’s femininity.

Yeh hai stree composition

The song is credited to Shankar Mahadevan, a prominent Indian musician and composer. It combines elements of Indian classical music with contemporary pop to create a colorful and upbeat soundscape. The song has a rich tapestry of sounds, including strings, percussion, flute, and keyboard, supported by powerful voices from a variety of performers. The song has a verse-chorus format and a bridge section, with each segment highlighting a different component of the theme. The lyrics, penned by a variety of lyricists, honor the power, tenacity, and diverse contributions of women to society.

“Yeh Hai Stree” is sung by a powerhouse lineup of female and male vocalists, including Shreya Ghoshal, Shaan, Mahalakshmi Iyer, Vishal Dadlani, Neha Kakkar, Aditya Narayan, and Sowmya Raoh. Each artist brings their unique style and energy to the song, further amplifying its message of inclusivity and unity.

The song was published in March 2021 to coincide with International Women’s Day, and it garnered excellent feedback for its upbeat message and lovely arrangement. It has become a popular choice for celebrations and performances celebrating women, acting as an anthem for empowerment and strength.

Karyeshu daasi
Karaneshu mantri
Bhojyeshu matha
Shayaneshu rambha
Rupecha lakshmi
Kshamayaaa… dharithri
Yeh hai stree
Shes born to destiny
We’ll find us to go in her journey
Her spirit and fetter and free
Her beauty beyond what u see
Yeh hai stree
Yeh kalpana hai aur khwaish bhi
Shes a woman,she is me
Na yeh raja hai,na yeh rani
Yeh na yodha,na hi yogi
Na yeh raja hai,na yeh rani
Yeh na yodha,na hi yogi
Sar namonse hai pare
Yeh kuch bhi nahi hai ,aur sab kuch bhi
Parasthish na maang na chahe
Pehchaan ka tha
Saath chalna hai
Akhela safar bhi manzoor
Yeh hai stree
Shes born to destiny
…born to destiny
With the minds U go in a journey
Her spirit and fetter and free
Her beauty beyond what u see
Yeh hai stree
Yeh hai stree
Shes a woman, Oh..shes a woman,
Shes a woman ,a woman ,a woman
Yeh Hey stree..
Yeh hai stree….
Shes a woman,shes me
Yeh hai stree
Ha..Yeh kalpana Hai aur khwaish thi
Shes a woman ..Shes a woman ..
she is me ..
she is mee..
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